When you talk to those of us who were rolling up in the pre-legalization days, you’re bound to find two types of people. There are the rolling savants who look back on those golden years with the wistfulness of a rock star reminiscing about their favorite mistakes. But more commonly, there are those of us who want to kiss the ground of these golden years when we never have to embarrass ourselves with our shoddy rolling skills ever again. That’s because we can simply walk to the nearest dispensary and buy a near perfect pre-roll whenever we feel like it. Heck, we could just sit on our couch and have a driver deliver a premium pre-rolled experience to our front door. But what should we expect from a quality pre-roll? 

The Strain (Almost) Says It All

You may be thinking that if you’ve seen one pre-roll, you’ve seen them all. But not all pre-rolls are created equally. There are a number of factors you can consider to make sure you’re toking on only the best pre-rolls, starting with the strain of flower going into them. You most likely know which strains work best for you, or at the very least whether you prefer indica or sativa, so that should be the first factor you consider when shopping for pre-rolled cannabis. At Vacation, we currently offer 7 premium cannabis strains with explosive terpene profiles and distinguished effects. When you first receive a Vacation Cannabis pre-roll, we recommend giving it a dry pull so you can really taste and appreciate the nuances of those exotic flavor profiles. If you’re unfamiliar, a “dry pull” is when you take a deep pull off of an unlit joint… it’s a bit like spitting into a spittoon after wine tasting. 

The Anatomy of the Best Pre-Rolls

While it’s mostly what’s inside a pre-roll that counts, it still pays to get a closer look at the rolling papers being used. The quality of the rolling paper, along with how it is packed, lends to how evenly, smoothly and slowly your pre-rolled cigarette burns. At Vacation, we use an industry standard King Size rolling paper and make sure to pack it just tight enough for that even burn. A cardboard crutch at the base provides support while also acting as a makeshift filter for any ash and debris you might otherwise inhale. Crutches make sure you get the full enjoyment of your pre-roll without any wasted herb… even if you don’t have a roach clip handy. We also keep a regulated moisture in our pre-rolls: not dry enough to impact those smooth draws nor moist enough to risk mold. It’s all tied up with a secure and efficient fold seal as opposed to the somewhat wasteful twist seal. 

Storing Your Joints

At Vacation, we offer pre-rolled joint packs which may leave you wondering how to best store your joints. It’s pretty much the same set of golden rules you’d follow for general cannabis storage: airtight, light tight areas away from heat. Humidity control via humidipacks is always a plus. But if you’re looking for short term storage on the go, doob tubes do a great job of keeping strays from your pre roll packs fresh, safe and somewhat muted on the odor front during those cross-town commutes. 

Pre-rolls offer an opportunity to sample a strain without the commitment of a 1/8 jar. And for those who only partake in cannabis casually, they serve up the perfect amount for an elevated evening with no leftovers. It’s no surprise then that pre-rolls consistently make up some of the most popular cannabis products on the market. Even last year, in the heat of a global pandemic, 420 figures showed a 50% increase in pre-roll sales(https://mjbizdaily.com/sales-of-cannabis-pre-rolls-up-nearly-50-in-2020-despite-pandemic/). While there were worries that joint sales would hit a snag since the pandemic effectively took the “pass” out of “puff, puff, pass”, people just couldn’t give up that cost-effective, fast-acting, tasty and discreet smoking option. And really, it’s that modest investment that keeps pre-rolls at the top of the 420 sales charts year after year.